ZERO Smart RGB Corner Light Music Sync

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Every gamer knows that if there’s one thing setting apart the good setups from the great ones, it’s your RGB game! The ZERO Smart RGB Gaming Room is a one of a kind setup that offers not only a full 16-million colour spectrum, but impressive connectivity and smart home functionality as well!

Features at a Glance

  • Dance & Sync with Music Mode
  • 16 Million Color
  • White, Yellow, RGB Color
  • 213 RGB Mode Available
  • Timer Function
  • Brightness Dimming Adjustable
  • Smart App Control
  • Voice Control
  • Remote Control
  • Button Control
  • Aluminum frame
  • Plug & Play Flexibility
  • 160cm Height

Key Features

  • Environment Rendering - This lighting setup takes your immersion to the next level by dynamically rendering its colour spectrum to match the environment of your current game.
  • Advanced Connectivity - Access everything, from colour settings to strobe effects, all from the comfort of your phone.
  • Creative Flexibility - The sheer depth of customisation options for these lights makes it so that no two setups are exactly the same. This helps content creators set up distinct atmospheres that are just right for their streams and videos.

ZERO is committed to the quality of its products and ease of purchase for all our customers. This means a straightforward shopping experience for you, as well as confidence in knowing each product is made to absolute perfection - truly one of a kind!