Our Story

From zero to hero, we are on a quest to make working for long hours feel like play

There are days when you are out in the gaming world trying to save the world of Metaverse. And there days (or nights) when you are battling against piles and piles of emails that can pass as a final boss in an epic story. However you are feeling today, ZERO is here to make sure you are more than ready for the seemingly impossible objective in front of you using the best gaming chair out in the market today.

We understand and live by the gamer’s DNA

We are a team of gamers turned entrepreneurs. But that does not mean the gamer’s DNA is not inside our bodies. We still play, but we aim most of our time and attention at our company’s mission to bring you the most comfortable and stylish gaming chairs that will make the most arduous work or boss battle seem like game’s play.

And in case you are not familiar with the gamer’s DNA running in your blood. It revolves around four cores:

Focus, Style, Adventure, and Fearlessness

By incorporating the gamer’s DNA in all of our stylish gaming chairs, we are paving a way for full-fledged gamers and gamers at heart to feel a rush of excitement with the idea of battling against long hours of work in front of the computer.

Pick your weapon of choice, get the best ZERO Ergonomic Gaming Chair, and let us team up to battle the dreadful back pain from long hours of sitting in front of the computer.

Our Vision "Have Fun & Enjoy Your Work!"