Product Warranty

Warranty Duration


Warranty Period

Zero Origin Series

3 years

Zero Origin Series Chairs registered online under the “Extended Warranty Program”

5 years

All others

1 year

What we cover

  1. Mechanical parts with significant defects, such as the hydraulics, the adjustment mechanism, and the tilting mechanism

  2. At the time of delivery, if the set of parts is incomplete.

  3. In the case of manufacturing defects discovered during delivery.

    What we do not cover

    1. Wear and tear of leather.
    2. Natural disasters such as, but not limited to, fires, floods and building collapses.
    3. Alterations and modifications that have resulted in damage.
    4. Damage caused by self-assembly or improper assembly or use in accordance with the instruction manual
    5. Return inspection and replacement costs.

    The warranty period begins on the date you receive your product. The date stated in our delivery documents for your order is the date you receive it.

    All defective products will be repaired or replaced. If we are unable to repair a warranty defect, we will refund the purchase price less the amount directly attributable to your use of the product prior to discovery of the defect. If you choose to keep the unrepaired product, we may grant your request for a partial refund if the lower value of the unrepaired product justifies it.